Key benefits

Wearable to accommodate birthing in various positions Assess fetal positioning and vaginal examination with cevical inserts and simulated membranes Gain tactile feedback during shoulder dystocia from BabyBirthie's sophisticated neck mechanism Evaluate high risk births; including breech, cord prolapse and partial placenta delivery



Ways to use MamaBirthie




Improving perinatal outcomes

One of the most important objectives during labor and delivery is recognizing the potential risks to mother and baby.

MamaBirthie provides an opportunity for community based education, such as new parent courses, allied health training or peer-to-peer learning, at an affordable cost. It is an important part of the full range of products and services Laerdal can provide to support your educational objectives.



Buy One Gift One

For each birthing simulator purchased through Laerdal Medical for use in high-income countries, a second one is being donated to support the Helping Mothers Survive initiative in low-income countries. The gifted simulators are used for implementation of the Helping Mothers Survive Program in 40 countries.

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