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5 Ways Content Can Get You Closer to Commitment

Unleash Your Influence

It’s 7:00 AM. Where are most sales professionals?

A national survey shows that 76% are already awake and getting after things¹. Perhaps you're one of them. Or, perhaps you were up well before then! Either way, what’s the first thing you might be doing? Most in the survey said they were checking their e-mail. 

There’s no substitute for personal contact with customers. But, e-mail still plays a vital role in maintaining and nurturing customer relationships. It can keep interest alive between site visits, phone calls, meeting at conferences, and any other interaction you might have with your clients.

E-mail poses one fundamental problem, though. Every time you hit “Send”, your well-crafted thoughts are entering an environment where the average recipient gets 121 e-mails per day²! Under those circumstances, it’s hard to stand out and keep your client’s attention.

An easy solution is to start taking advantage of the content available to you on Customers want to engage with you as late as they can in the sales cycle. And, they want to be well-versed in a topic before they do. Sharing content with them can put you “front-of-mind” until they are truly ready to talk.

Here are five ways you can use Laerdal’s content to distinguish yourself – not just in your e-mails, but also on the phone, at meetings, and on social media, too.

1. Use it to open the door

Looking for a reason to say “Hi” but don’t want to launch right into an introduction of our products or services? Let a piece of content do the work for you! Consider sharing an appropriate infographic, article, or whitepaper from Laerdal’s resource library. All you have to do is share the link.

Making a great first impression is important. Using our content can allow you to put a unique best foot forward, possibly opening the door to a targeted discussion and the chance to ask probing questions.

2. Use it to build relationships

Managing all your customer relationships at their different sales stages can be a balancing act. At any given time, some clients are closer to making a purchase than others. But, all need to be nurtured and tended to. You can use content to your advantage.

We have content that addresses major topics in simulation and that is suitable for virtually every stage in the sales cycle. Providing clients with our content at just the right time can keep your relationship with them active – all while freeing up your premium face-to-face time or phone time for clients who need it most. It’s a win-win!

3. Use it as an excuse to check-in

Following up or re-engaging with prospects can be as tricky as making your first introduction. It can be hard to find valuable reasons to interrupt a client’s day without seeming overbearing. Sharing an article, infographic, or white paper with a note, saying “Thought you might want to read this” or “This reminded me of our discussion last month”, can help you to build rapport and continue engaging your prospects as their interest develops. We also have videos, recorded webinars, press releases, and independent research papers from our partners. All are available as an excuse to check-in.

4. Use it to be a trusted resource

You want your clients to turn to you, not Google. You want to be their “go-to” person for all things simulation. When a client reaches out to you with a complex question, you can provide them with content. It can be as simple as replying, “We actually just released a video about that” or “I have an article that helps answer just that question.”

By sharing content that helps your clients overcome challenges, you establish yourself as a trusted resource. And, you can rest assured that you are providing clients with valid, research-based content that meets marketing's reliability standard for accuracy and journalistic integrity.

5. Use it to stake your claim

Research shows that 82% of buyers viewed five or more pieces of content from the winning vendor before making a purchase³. 95% of buyers choose solution providers that offer relevant content at every stage of the buying process⁴. 

We in Marketing are pushing that content out to the marketplace all the time. You can stake your claim by pushing that content out yourself at those times when you see that your clients need it most. When you share content, you are moving clients one step closer to a commitment. And, when your clients start looking for content, they will now think of you first. 

Content can be your best friend. Learn more during the “Content 101” session at the Americas Sales & Marketing Summit (ASMS).


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