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World Restart a Heart Day

October 16, 2022

Restart a Heart Day is a global initiative to increase awareness about the importance of bystander CPR and to also increase actual bystander CPR rates worldwide.

Initiatives to increase community CPR training as well as improve the quality of CPR delivered are critical to increasing survival from sudden cardiac arrest. By implementing widespread programs to train CPR and providing frequent, high-quality training that is systematically measured to guide performance, we can help save more lives, together.​

Success is possible​


One life at a time

What Can You Do? Refresh & Re-Engage​



Help Spread Awareness

Share your own story about CPR or help share the story of others. Common hashtags used throughout the event include #RestartAHeart #CallPushShock #9for9
Learn more about the #9for9 Challenge here

If you have a survival story that you want to share, ILCOR is asking those to use the hashtag #CPRSavedMyLife to help collect survival stories.​ 

Don't stop with just online awareness. Remind your friends and family about the importance of bystander CPR.


Refresh Your CPR Skills

Research shows that CPR skills degrade over time. Taking a CPR course will help sharpen your skills and can help you be better prepared to be a potential lifesaver in your community.

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to also take a CPR course!