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World Restart a Heart Day

World Restart a Heart Day is a global awareness day aimed at increasing bystander CPR. From school children learning to save the life of a loved one, to healthcare providers refreshing their CPR skills, CPR training events are happening around the world today.

World Restart a Heart Day is the initiative of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) and the European Resuscitation Council.

Would you know what to do if someone´s heart suddenly stopped?

Increasing survival rates around the world

Laerdal, together with valued partners, works as a catalyst to help our customers implement programs that work. From America to Australia, from Denmark to Korea, the results speak for themselves.

A Nation of Lifesavers

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have worked with Laerdal to implement wide-reaching programs to train school children and lay people in their communities. In the United States, more than 2 million school children are trained in CPR every year.

Survival tripled in Denmark

Denmark is one of several countries that have launched a national initiative to teach CPR. The program introduced mandatory training for elementary school students and those applying for driver’s licenses. Instructional training kits were distributed, dispatcher-assisted guidance was offered, and AEDs were installed in public places.

How Laerdal can help

Community initiatives to increase CPR training as well as improve the quality of CPR delivered are critical to increasing survival. By implementing widespread programs to train CPR and providing frequent, high quality training that is systematically measured to guide performance, we can help save more lives, together.

The Covid-19 pandemic changed how CPR training is delivered. Online training is more important now than ever. Anniewhere can help you provide CPR training from anywhere.

Here's how in 3 simple steps


Spread the word

Instructors invite learners to a course using any teleconferencing systems such as Zoom, Microsoft teams etc.

Before the course, learners download the QCPR Classroom app and find something to compress on. If you have a training manikin, like Mini Anne, use it. If not, find something to compress on like a firm cushion.


Join a world of lifesavers

Congratulations! You have joined the 500 million people worldwide who have been trained to be lifesavers.