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Kit de mise à jour RA Sim n° 2 AED-Link
(incl.ShockLink et installation)

numéro d'article: 150-86050
Prix HT: € 1 205,00
Prix TTC: € 1 458,05

ShockLink (185-10050) has become very popular for realistic defibrillation / AED training and skills practice using train pads. If you have a Resusci Anne Simulator working with SimPad or SimPad PLUS your manikin can be service upgraded to AED-Link technology for use with ShockLink by Laerdal qualified service technicians. ShockLink is included in the upgrade. 

Before service upgrade is ordered, identify which LinkBox version is installed under the manikin battery. LinkBox or LinkBox PLUS. This kit is for LinkBox PLUS

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