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Resusci Baby QCPR voie aérienne avec valve (2 pièces)

Resusci Baby QCPR voie aérienne avec valve (2 pièces)

voie aérienne avec valve (2 pièces)

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The Airway head manikin requires a shorter tube due to presence of trachea. This is a modified version of the 161-10550 Resusci Baby Disposable Complete Airway used for standard head manikins. 

No tools required.


To be used only with:


Replacement Part:

What airway consumables can be used with the different versions of Resusci Baby? 


Please note that the Airway head manikins are not intended for Mouth to Mouth ventilations for hygiene reasons of cleaning the trachea. 

Hygiene and cleaning procedures for CPR manikins



  • 2 Airway Flow valves with tubes for Airway Head
  • 2 Lungs (attached)
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