Laerdal is pleased to offer American Heart Association patient simulator scenarios for teaching ACLS. Designed specifically for Laerdal SimMan, SimMan 3G Instructor Mode and the ALS Simulator, the scenarios address the major learning objectives of the AHA's ACLS course.

Instructors can utilize the pre-configured curriculum of the scenarios and the supporting materials to challenge students' skills against current guidelines and bring new dimensions to ACLS training.

The ACLS SimMan Scenarios are broken down into three categories:

  • Teaching Scenarios (5) - The Teaching Scenarios allow students hands-on time with the manikin and to learn skills without time pressures.
  • Core Cases (22) - The Core Cases focus on critical actions that must occur within specified timeframes.
  • Testing Scenarios (4) that focus on AHA Megacode Testing.

Each of the 31 scenarios included is supported by course materials that include scenario overviews, learning objectives, patient histories, and debriefing guides.


Click here to view a pdf on how to convert SimMan scenarios to ALS Simulator Advanced