NESTLED - Faculty Development Program



NESTLED is a EU-funded faculty development program that will help you develop and enhance your learning environment, and support teaching staff to implement healthcare simulation in your organisation.

The focus of the program is to ensure that faculty have the insights and competence needed to develop targeted simulation programs to cope with specific challenges at their own workplace.

Developed in collaboration with several partner universities, the program will provide 10 credits under the European Credit Transfer System (ETSC).




The Issues

Underuse of Simulators

Research has shown that most simulators (80%) have spare capacity for more training.

Maintenance of Competence

Training and availability of faculty trained in simulation is a key constraint. Also, with a certain turnover in most organisations it is a challenge to continously maintain the necessary competence in simulation within an organisation.

A Lack of Standards

As simulation is still fairly new in healthcare education, few or no standards are deployed for measuring performance and learning outcomes. Also, as organisations continue to invest in simulation programs, there is a growing need to demonstrate the value of simulation to key stakeholders.


How NESTLED can help?

  • Supports your faculty in developing and implementing a simulation program at your workplace.

  • Supports you in developing an enhanced and improved learning environment for your students or colleagues.

  • Provides the practical tools you need to integrate simulation into your curriculum or training program.

  • Helps in developing and enhancing essential skills such as: Preparing for a simulation, pre-briefing, running a scenario, and conducting a simple but powerful debriefing.


The Four Steps of NESTLED



Overview of Simulation Education

  • Receive a theoretical foundation and resarch supporting the use of simulation based education
  • Develop a framework for early success in simulation
  • Conduct a workplace analysis


Simulation in Education in Practice

(on site)
  • Discuss and receive feedback on workplace analysis
  • Learn about theories on fidelity and simulated environments
  • Develop a simulation scenario based on workplace analysis


Delivery of a High Quality Simulation

(on site)
  • Receive a pre-programmed version of your designed scenario
  • Design and deliver an effective pre-brief
  • Document key events during simulation
  • Deliver a personalised debriefing


Approaches to Change Practice

(on site)
  • Receive a framework to measure the success of your solution
  • Identify key stakeholders and helpers in implementing simulation in your workplace
  • Develop an implementation strategy
  • Receive feedback from your peers on your overall solution


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