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Extri Kelly

Extri Kelly

13.299,00 kr. Pris ekskl. moms
16.623,75 kr. Pris inkl. moms

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  • Full-body manikin for use in field extrication, rescue, triage, and transport
  • Extri Kelly is 5’5’’ tall and weighs 58 pounds.
  • Extra weight may be added to the chest and pelvic areas to simulate variations in patients’ weight
  • Solid head with no openings
  • Realistic articulation for application of cervical collars, splints and traction or application to spineboard
  • Cost effective for use in mass casualty scenarios
  • Optional trauma modules (BTLS Victim Injury Set,Trauma Module Set, NBC, Smallpox, Bleeding Control) may be added to enhance realism in scenarios
  • Hard or soft carry cases available for storage and transport

Extri Kelly Includes: Full-body manikin and directions for use.

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