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NeoBeat Mini (Nordic) Newborn Heart Rate Meter

NeoBeat Mini (Nordic) Newborn Heart Rate Meter

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NeoBeat Mini is a reusable and consumable-free heart rate (HR) meter. NeoBeat Mini is intended for use on newborns weighing 0.8 - 2 kg.

• For use on newborns weighing 0.8 - 2 kg
• ECG provides reliable heart rate reading seconds after application to newborn
• Heart rate displayed digitally in numerical format
• Turns on when motion detected
• Can be applied directly to wet newborn skin, saving time in the critical seconds after birth
• Apply to newborn’s abdomen area, front or back. Can be used whilst baby is skin to skin with mother

• NeoBeat Mini (1);
• Mounting Bracket (1);
• Charging Stand (1);
• Power Adapter with interchangeable plugs (1);
• Holder for Bag-Valve-Mask (1);
• User Guide (1)

Size & Weight

NeoBeat Mini
Height: 70 mm
Width: 70 mm
Length: 40 mm
Weight: 27 g


Not made with natural rubber latex

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