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CPRmeter 2 (Nordic)

CPRmeter 2 (Nordic)

Expect Shipping Delays

The CPRmeter 2 provides real-time coaching and summative feedback to help trained rescuers optimize CPR performance. Combined with the CPRmeter app, organizations can drive quality improvement initiatives with detailed and sharable insights on CPR performance.


CPRmeter 2, Red Sleeve, Patient Adhesive 3-Pack, 2 x AAA Batteries, User Guide. 

Highlights/Key Features

• Lightweight and ergonomic design
• Simplified cleaning and disinfection
• Bluetooth Connectivity
• AAA battery
- Date and time
• User-friendly feedback
- Chest compression fraction
• Statistics and timeline on CPR performance
• Export data with password protection

Medical Device Specs

Canada: Holds a class 1 medical device license.
Europe: CE marked as class I device in accordance with Council Directive 93/42/ EEC Medical Device Directive, as amended by Council Directive 2007/47/EC.
USA: Cleared under 510(k) as a class 2 device.
The device also holds market registration and can be sold in Australia (class I), Canada (Class I), Japan (Class II), Korea (Class 2), Malaysia (Class A) and Singapore (Class A)
Laerdal Medical is certified by DNV GL Presafe AS to ISO 13485:2021