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Preventive Maintenance

Technical Services

A professional product maintenance delivered by a trained Laerdal Service Engineer.

More than just replacing parts

Laerdal’s Preventive Maintenance Service is all about giving you peace of mind. Our Preventative Maintenance Service includes software updates, product assessment, testing, and replacement of components to ensure your simulator maintains peak performance. It's about staying ahead of potential obstacles to your simulation training. With this service, you can schedule routine maintenance once a year to ensure your simulator continues to function at it's best at all times.

What value this service provides

  • Professional product maintenance delivered by a trained Laerdal Service Engineer or an authorized Laerdal Technical Service provider
  • Product cleaning and replacement of wear and tear parts and basic components specific to your simulator
  • Latest Laerdal software updates
  • Latest manikin software updates
  • Complete product quality inspection and full functional test
  • Documentation of findings and further recommendations

Who benefits from this service

It is a pleasure to have someone who delivers service with a smile, who enjoys his work, but also knows his stuff. We learn something new every time Ian visits. It is a shame we only have Preventive Maintenance annually!

How it works

Laerdal’s Preventive Maintenance Service can be scheduled one time each year. It is delivered by a trained Laerdal Service Engineer, or by an authorized Laerdal Technical Service provider. Choose to have Preventive Maintenance on-site at your facility or send your manikin to the Laerdal Service Center —whichever works best for you. Preventive Maintenance is available either as part of a ValuePlus package or individually, in single and multiple year plans.

It's not about technology. It's about trust.

We know you have made a big investment – and we are here for you every step of the way. We want to make things easy for you. We make sure your equipment is performing optimally so you can spend your time where it’s needed most – training.

Our people are here to help you with everything from product installation and preventive maintenance, through troubleshooting and repairs. People like Berge, one of our experienced Technical Services Specialists.