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Patient Safety Awareness Week 2020

March 8-14

Over the past two decades, huge strides have been made toward reducing patient harm; however, current research cites medical error as the leading cause of death worldwide.1

This week is Patient Safety Awareness Week, sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). We support IHI in this annual recognition event which encourages everyone to learn more about patient safety. And, we thank those leading patient safety initiatives and training within their organization.

At its core, simulation training is intended to prepare healthcare providers for real-world, emergency situations. The exposure to low-frequency, high-acuity patient situations allows providers to develop the necessary clinical, interpersonal, communication, and team skills to save a life before touching a real human patient. This includes developing an awareness to patient and provider risk factors – and the confidence to speak up to mitigate any potential harm.

Some organizations have begun to enhance the simulation learning environment by creating simulation escape rooms. The integration of gamified learning has led to stronger connections with the material and learning that "sticks." 

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