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Safety Culture Debrief

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A written expert analysis of a single hospital site’s patient safety culture survey data presented in a one-day on-site consultation, designed to better focus hospital’s simulation efforts.  The Safety Culture Debrief converts the AHRQ Hospital Survey on Patient Safety (HSOPS) data or your alternative survey data, as required periodically by the Joint Commission, to an understandable and actionable format in a manner than identifies causes for potential risk and opportunities for improvement.  Analysis and interpretation of results includes:


  • Connections drawn between culture results and other organizational metrics and goals
  • Support for prioritizing what components of culture to target
  • Coaching on constructing an action plan for culture improvement
  • Leadership engagement slide deck for sharing results internally
  • Connections drawn between client results and latest evidence-based improvement resources
  • Breakdown of information by department and by leadership versus staff levels
  • Guidance on where to focus current and future simulation efforts.


Note: The Safety Culture Debrief is hospital site-specific.  Multiple hospitals require multiple Safety Culture Debrief’s due to multiple-required surveys by the Joint Commission.

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