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vrClinicals for Nursing

The immersive clinical placement experience

- Beta Version -

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Achieve the clinical outcomes you need with virtual reality

vrClinicals for Nursing is a unique, VR solution that engages students with a realistic, busy hospital environment. A collaboration between Laerdal, Wolters Kluwer, and the National League for Nursing to develop multi-patient prioritization and clinical judgment skills.

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How can vrClinicals for Nursing help?

  • I am a Sim Lab Director
  • I am a Faculty member
  • I am a Nursing Student
  • I am a Dean

I am a Sim Lab Director

Save time and resources on multiple patient simulation setup! vrClinicals gives you flexibility and simplifies the preparation and facilitation of the engaging clinical experiences your students need, enabling you to free up resources and achieve higher throughput.

I am a Faculty member

No need to recreate or modify content: it is trusted and relevant, authored and extensively reviewed by the National League for Nursing for medical relevancy. vrClinicals is solution you need to efficiently teach clinical judgment and multi-patient prioritization skills, as well as ensure maximum knowledge retention. The scenarios are standardized, so learning outcomes can be measured. It also helps you understand and debrief student’s rationales for making decisions.

I am a Nursing Student

vrClinicals helps you get the most out of your studies in a virtual environment where mistakes are allowed and feedback is given so that you feel competent and confident in your clinical judgment and multi-patient prioritization skills, as well as in your ability to transition to practice. The self-reflection exercises and measurable feedback will help you take a step back and improve your decision-making skills. You will also be able to train delegation and communication skills – giving and receiving SBAR from and to other colleagues, for example.

I am a Dean

vrClinicals helps you increase your school’s reputation in developing competent and confident nurses, through easy virtual clinicals that don’t add to faculty burden and focus on developing the clinical judgment and prioritization skills necessary for today’s low-staffed hospitals.

vrClinicals for Nursing benefits


Fully Immersive & Realistic
Students employ clinical judgment in a realistic, busy hospital with interruptions to care.


Multiple patients
Multi-patient scenarios focusing on prioritization across the ward.


Unfolding clinical experience
Multiple rounds of patient care with a focused range of learning objectives designed to build practice readiness.


Optimize the number of on-site instructors and coordinators needed to run complex cases.

Help your students think and train like a nurse – Use
vrClinicals in a scaffolded approach

vrClinicals can be used as one component of a more comprehensive solution to further enhance clinical skills training for better preparedness of nurses.

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NextGen vSim® for Nursing
vSim for Nursing challenges students to exercise clinical judgment and decision-making for gaining relevant clinical experience through virtual simulation.


SimCapture giver dig mulighed for effektivt at administrere, registrere og vurdere simulationstræning, både in-situ og i simulationslokalet.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.