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Instructor and Facilitation Training (InFacT)


Having run the simulation instructor courses for more than 15 years with over 3,500 participants internationally, InPASS, is excited to now offer their flagship course as an interactive international online program. The Instructor and Facilitation Training (InFacT) course is entirely “live” and highly interactive.

Benefits include:

  • Small group video conferences with no more than 4–6 participants
  • Plenty of time for individual exercises with constructive feedback and effective debriefing.
  • Exchanges and networking among participants and faculty, ensuring your integration into the global simulation community.

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Recorded Webinar

Why well-trained instructors are the most important aspect of simulations – and experience with online instructor courses

In this webinar, hosted by Marcus Rall MD, Founder & CEO of InPASS Institute for Patient Safety & Simulation Team Training , you will learn why instructors are so important to achieve long-lasting and deep learning effects in simulation team trainings. What elements of instructor competencies are so important to reach the next level of teaching experience and hear from the experience of a novel full online instructor course to achieve the desired results.

Käsittelemme henkilötietojasi erittäin huolellisesti Laerdalin tietosuojakäytännön mukaisesti

Käsittelemme henkilötietojasi erittäin huolellisesti Laerdalin tietosuojakäytännön mukaisesti