AccueilLIM-60920 - CFPT Mk 3 Module 1: Normal - Col utérin

CFPT Mk 3 Module 1: Normal - Col utérin

Référence: LIM-60920
Prix HT: € 560,00
Prix TTC: € 672,00
délais de livraison estimé à 14-16 semaines  
Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer Mk 3: Module 1

Normal - Nulliparous Cervix module, for use with CFPT Mk3 Advanced (LIM-60905) and Standard (LIM-60900)

*Please note that this module CANNOT be used with the CFPT Mk 2 - Standard or the CFPT Mk 2 - Advanced


  • As part of the Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer Mk3 for hands-on examination experience


  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water


  • Latex free


  • Normal presentation



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