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SimBaby Trach Dark

SimBaby Trach Dark

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SimBaby™ with Tracheostomy is a 9-month-old paediatric simulator with a controllable stoma. A tetherless simulator supporting the entire patient pathway – from in-hospital intensive care, during ambulance transportation, and in a home care setting. This SimBaby comes in a dark skin tone and facilitates training on initial assessment and treatment, in addition to realistically simulating tracheostomy care.

Product Features

    • SimBaby Dark Skin tone simulator with tracheostomy complete manikin (1)
    • SimBaby clothing (1)
    • SimBaby trolley bag (1)
    • Lower IO leg modules (2)
    • Drain Bags for IV or IO complete (2)
    • IV port seal (20)
    • Syringe (1)
    • Needle decompression module (5)
    • Tracheostomy Airway Plug (1)
    • Silicone lubricant (1)
    • Silicone Tape (1)
    • IO sealing tape (1)
    • Ethernet Cable (1)
    • LAN connector (1)
    • Laerdal Warranty (1)
    • SimBaby Important Product Information (1)
    • SimBaby User Guide (1)
    • Power cord (US/AU/EU/UK) (1)
    • Tetherless paediatric 9-month-old simulator in a dark skin tone
    • Controllable tracheostoma for assessment and care
    • Realistic and safe early assessment, diagnosis, and intervention practice
    • Train respiratory emergencies, shock and cardiopulmonary arrest to gain confidence
    • QCPR technology for effective monitoring and improvement of resuscitation quality
    • Achieve learning objectives with easy-to-use scenarios
    • Integrate debriefing to capture, share, and analyse training sessions to improve team performance
  • Length: 71 cm / 28 in

    Weight: 4.9 kg / 10.8 lbs

  • Battery type. Included/Installed or not.
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