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PROMPT Flex Birth SimAdv

PROMPT Flex Birth SimAdv

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The PROMPT Flex Advanced Light is an anatomically correct birthing simulator allowing for multiple training scenarios. In addition to the functionality of the Standard Light model (LIM-80100), this version of the PROMPT has a Bluetooth enabled baby that works in conjunction with the Limbs & Things Birthing Simulator Software.

Product Features

    • Baby PROMT Flex Advanced (1)
    • PROMT Flex Birthing Mother (1)
    • Placenta (1)
    • Abdomen for PROMT Flex (1)
    • Perineum and Birth Canal for PROMT Flex (1)
    • PROMT Birthing lubricant (1)
    • Wheeled carry case (1)
    • Birthing Simulator software (1)
    • Bluetooth enabled baby for force monitoring during shoulder dystocia drills
    • Free, downloadable Birthing Simulator software allows trainees' actions and interventions to be recorded during drills, with time to deliver baby
    • PDFs of trainee drills can be saved and printed for debriefing
    • Software compatible with Windows, PC, iOS and Android devices
    • Software scenarios can be modified or created from scratch to fit with your own language and procedures
    • Suitable for use with Simulated/Standardized Patient
    • Realistic pelvic floor
    • Articulating thighs for McRobert’s procedure
    • Stretchable perineum
    • Soft, flexible birthing canal
    • Additional modules available to extend training:
      Post Partum Hemorrhage management
      Cervical Dilatation and Effacement
      Optional lower legs for all fours position
    • Supports bench top training or hybrid simulation
  • Length: 86 cm / 33.86 in

    Width: 57 cm / 22.44 in

    Height: 39 cm / 15.35 in

    Weight: 22.8 kg / 50.27 lbs

  • Litium Ion
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