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Maternity Training Kit

The Maternity Training Kit provides a holistic solution for training on appropriate and respectful care in maternal and newborn settings. The offering enables practice through all stages of labor and birth with easy to use products.

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Maternity Training Kit - Essential

Practice on providing low-risk care related to normal physiological pregnancy and birth, through all stages of labor and birth, including initial stages of newborn care.


The Maternity Training Kit - Essential includes: 

MamaBreast (1)   |   MamaBirthie with C-section Module (1)  |   Sister-U (1)  |   Labia Repair Model (12).

Suggested number of kits is 1 per 4 users

Maternity Training Kit - Complete

In addition to low-risk training, this kit facilitates high-risk training such as complication during and after childbirth including positive-pressure ventilation.


The Maternity Training Kit - Complete includes:

MamaNatalie Complete w/Mama-U (1)  |  PreemieNatalie (1)  |  MamaBreast (1)  |  MamaBirthie with C-section Module (1)  |  Sister-U (1)  |  Labia Repair Model (12)  |  BAG II Rescuscitator infant w/mask (1)

Suggested number of kits is 1 per 4 users