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Descripción general

The VitalSim Wireless Headset (commonly referred to as the VitalSim wireless microphone) is a complete unit that comes ready to be connected to any of the SimMan, SimBaby simulators or VitalSim trainers. The receiver is powered by 110-120 VAC only. The wireless microphone is powered by a 9 VDC battery. It comes with two microphones so that the customer can elect to wear the head mount microphone or the lapel clip microphone. There is a three foot cable with 1/4 inch (male) phono plug on each end of the cable. This cable makes it easy to plug directly into a mixer or other device. There is also an adapter that has 1/4 inch phono receptacle (female) and a 1/8th inch phono plug. This adapter is used to convert the cable to a smaller size that can be plugged directly into the microphone in on the laptop when using with the SimMan or SimBaby. It is also used when plugging into the back of the VitalSim unit to allow vocal sounds to be transmitted to the manikin head

  • 30 meter operating range
  • base unit operates off 110-120 vac power
  • wireless microphone operates off a single 9 VDC battery
  • can be used with SimMan, SimBaby, or VitalSim trainers