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Robuuste Tablet PC (Instructeur/

Artikelnummer: 400-09533
Basisprijs excl. BTW: € 4 790,00
Basisprijs incl. BTW: € 5 795,90
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Rugged Tablet Operator PC or Patient Monitor

    • Minimum 10" Touchscreen rugged tablet ideal for mobile simulation in all environments
    • Can be used with any simulator platform
    • Perfect for the military and pre-hospital use where equipment needs to be rugged
    • With optional keyboard it can be used as a desktop PC


Ideal for use as:

    • Instructor Computer with LLEAP software
    • LLEAP Patient Monitor
    • SimPad Patient Monitor
    • SimPad PLUS Patient Monitor


Includes: Rugged Tablet PC, docking station and power supply.

Note: Additional license keys may be required depending on your use model.  Please contact your Laerdal Representative for additional details.

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