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Nursing Education

Nursing has changed. Has your simulation training program changed with it?

The nursing field has seen changes within the past 25 years that point to a need for more hands-on, inclusive, and immersive experiences for students and nursing professionals.  With additional attention on leadership, communication skills, and safe care practices, nurses can benefit greatly from exposure to high-quality simulation- based training. 

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Adapting to Nursing’s New Expectations: 
Boosting Your Simulation Fidelity Can Help Your Nurses Succeed

In this article, we examine three significant changes that have come to shape today’s nursing landscape. Research suggests that you can use simulation to address these changes with the goal that your nurses approach their role with competence, confidence, and compliance. 

• Emphasis on patient-centered care
• Importance of diagnosis and assessment skills
• Bridging the gap between the classroom and clinical practice

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