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Advanced Male Catheterisation Trainer

The Male Catheterization Trainer allows trainees to learn urinary catheterization techniques specific to the male anatomy. The feel of the catheter passing along the urethra into the bladder corresponds closely to real life.

This module is also part of Standard Lim-60851 and Advanced Lim-60854 Catheterization Trainer.

Skills Gained:

  • Correct handling of male anatomy
  • Aseptic catheterisation technique
  • Withdrawal of catheter
  • Urinary catheterization
  • Fluid management

Key Features:

  • Realism
    Supple urethra and resistant sphincter providing realistic response
  • Versatility
    Ability to view catheter path
    Non-drip valve
    Reusable double-sleeve catheter packaging is supplied for teaching aseptic technique
    Syringe supplied with water-based lubricant to simulate proprietary local anaesthetic gel
  • Cleaning
    Skin surface is washable using soap & water
  • Safety
    Product is latex free (catheters provided contain latex)
  • Anatomy
    Male anatomy: pubic bone, realistic meatus, flaccid penis, replaceable and removable foreskin

You will receive:

  • Male Catheterization Module
  • Water Extension Tubing
  • Pelvic Shell & Stand
  • Water System
  • Milton Sterilizing Fluid 500 ml (Anti-Fungal)
  • Foreskins for Catheterization (pack of 3)
  • Aseptic Catheterization Sleeves (Pack of 2)
  • Bladder Diaphragm
  • Plastic kidney dish
  • 14 French foley catheter