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Anal Sphincter Repair Trainer

Ideal for practicing repair of 4th degree anal sphincter injuries (OASI),its realistic anatomy allows for repair of both the internal and external anal sphincter, and anal mucosa. 

This product is available in a light and dark skin-tone,


  • Recognition of internal anatomy
  • Tissue handling
  • End-to-end repair of the external sphincter
  • Overlap repair of the external sphincter
  • Repair of the internal sphincter and mucosa

Key Features:

  • Overview
    Cost-effective as all layers can be sutured repeatedly
    Durable and long-lasting block
    Illustration pack representing each degree of perineal trauma to aid identification of key landmarks and internal anatomy
  • Realism
    All essential layers of tissue can accept repeated sutures
    Soft skin with a similar drag and strength to human skin
  • Versatility
    Can be used alongside PROMPT Flex by placing in front of it to add further realism to the simulation
    Quick and easy to set up
    Clamps provided to secure trainer to bench-top
    Compact and portable
  • Cleaning
    Skin surface is washable using soap and water
  • Safety
    Product is latex free
  • Anatomy
    Hymenal remnants
    Vaginal mucosa
    Perineal skin
    Perineal muscles
    External anal sphincter
    Internal anal sphincter
    Anal mucosa
    Pararectal fat

You will receive:

  • Anal Sphincter Repair Block (x2) - Light/Dark
  • Perineal Repair Stand with Clamps - Light/Dark
  • Perineal Repair Block Loading Frame
  • Perineal Repair Illustration Pack - Light/Dark
  • Water-based Lubricant