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Knee Aspiration & Injection Trainer with Ultrasound Capability

An anatomically accurate adult knee model for aspiration of synovial fluid and joint injection from both the lateral and medial aspects, using ultrasound guidance or palpation.

The robust sealed knee includes knee joint, patella, patellar tendon, and the suprapatellar space.


  • Injection into joint cavity
  • Aspiration of synovial fluid from both the lateral and medial aspects
  • Competence using ultrasound technology to perform systematic scanning techniques and examination of the knee joint
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks using ultrasoundguidance or the palpation method
  • Patient positioning and management
  • Recognition of joint effusion
  • Ballottement


The following key anatomical landmarks are realistic to palpate:

  • skin
  • subcutaneous fat
  • quadriceps tendon & patellar ligament
  • prefemoral fat pad
  • suprapatellar fat pad
  • Hoffa (Infrapatellar) fat pad
  • femur, medial & lateral collateral ligament
  • tibia
  • patella
  • joint space & synovial recess
  • meniscus & muscle mass of quadriceps


  • Ultrasound Knee Module for Aspiration & Injection
  • Fluid Bag and Stand
  • Synovial Fluid (including Syringe)
  • Needle Set – 3 Green (21 gauge) Needles, 1 Syringe, 1 Sharps Bin
  • Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Book (5th Ed)
  • Leg Unit, including Removable Supports
  • Carry Case for Knee