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Vaccine IM Injection trainer

Allowing for quick and effective training, the Vaccine IM Injection Trainer facilitates the administration of vaccines via the intramuscular route. Provided as a pack of 10, this product enables mass table top learning in all training environments.

The trainer features realistic and easily identifiable tissue layers that represent the dermis, fat, and muscle layers. The receptive anatomical layers make this an ideal tool for teaching correct needle positioning to beginners and to those with more clinical experience.

The fluid absorbent pad allows learners to experience repeatable and realistic training.

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  • Intramuscular injection and vaccination technique
  • Management of tissue
  • Allows for the discussion of needle size and angle of injection

Key Features:

  • Overview
    Facilitates intramuscular injection
    Withstands liquid injection
    Realistic anatomical layers are easily identifiable
    Durable material is longlasting
  • Versatility
    Skin is soft and warm to the touch
    Realistic tissue layers facilitate true to life needle resistance
    Receptive muscle layer allows trainees to identify if the needle has travelled too far

  • Cleaning
    Can be cleaned with all standard clinically used training products

  • Safety
    When practicing injection, only use water
    Ensure the product is dried after use and before storage
    Latex free

  • Anatomy
    Dermis, fat and muscle layers
    Realistic elasticity of skin

You will receive:

Vaccine IM Injection Trainer (Pack of 10) - Light