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Episiotomy Trainer Dark

Artikel: LIM-61124
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This cost-effective, simplified model has been created to use in a classroom setting to ensure the acquisition of confidence in the training of episiotomy. The crowning of the head gives trainees a true-to-life experience. The Perineal Repair Stand (LIM-61129) in which the module fits, must be purchased separately.



  • Baby head has realistic look and feel, providing landmarks and appropriate tactile response when inserting fingers to guard the baby's head
  • Repair tape increases the longevity of the episiotomy pad, allowing for multiple uses per pad
  • Illustration pack to help trainees get familiarized with key landmarks and where to place the cut



  • Realistic representation of tissue to represent a stretched perineum



  • Skin surface is washable using soap & water



  • Product is latex free



  • Identification of fontanelles
  • Handling of a stretched perineum
  • Reducing the risk of damaging the baby or mother 
  • Infiltration of perineum prior to episiotomy 
  • Performance of mediolateral or midline episiotomy
  • Use of instruments



LIM-61114 Episiotomy Repair Tape (x24)

LIM-61136 Episiotomy Illustration Pack - Dark

LIM-61135 Episiotomy Baby Head - Dark

LIM-61133 Episiotomy Incision Pad (x2) - Dark

Episiotomy Repair Tape (x24)



LIM-61129 Perineal Repair Stand with Clamps - Dark

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