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Wireless Headset

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The Wireless Headset (commonly referred to as the wireless microphone) is a complete unit that comes ready to be connected to any of the SimMan or SimBaby. The receiver is powered by 110-120 VAC only. The wireless microphone is powered by a 9 VDC battery. It comes with two microphones so that the customer can elect to wear the head mount microphone or the lapel clip microphone. There is a three foot cable with 1/4 inch (male) phono plug on each end of the cable. This cable makes it easy to plug directly into a mixer or other device. There is also an adapter that has 1/4 inch phono receptacle (female) and a 1/8th inch phono plug. This adapter is used to convert the cable to a smaller size that can be plugged directly into the microphone in on the laptop when using with the SimMan or SimBaby.

  • 30 meter operating range
  • base unit operates off 110-120 vac power
  • wireless microphone operates off a single 9 VDC battery
  • can be used with SimMan or SimBaby
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