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Colles' Fracture Reduction Trainer

Colles' Fracture Reduction Trainer

Reduction Trainer

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The Colles’ Fracture Reduction Trainer is an ideal training tool for learners looking to gain confidence in the reduction of Colles’ fractures occurring at the distal end of the radius. The representation of a fractured distal fragment of the radius provides trainees with a platform for repeatable and consistent practice of manual Colles’ reduction (closed) and plastering techniques. As is typical in a real-life emergency setting, the model allows trainees to perform visual inspections and identification before facilitating a team focused Colles’ fracture reduction. An adjustable tension mechanism allows trainers to alter the difficulty of the procedure for advanced learning.SKILLS GAINED
    • Visual inspection & identification
    • Reduction of the fracture (closed reduction)
    • Plastering techniques
    • Adjustable tension allows for different difficulties to be simulated
    • Allows for teamwork and communication when reducing the fracture
    • Adjustable tension allows for progressive levels of difficulty
    • Trainees can perform all three stages of reduction: Exaggeration (to disimpact the fracture), Traction and Flexion
    • Accommodates a number of plastering techniques, including: back slab, circular cast, sugar-tong splint, and 3-point molds
    • Variable height stand allows users to adjust the height of the model for training ease
    • Replaceable hand and skin
    • Realistic representation of a ‘dinner-fork’ deformity
    • Lifelike haptic feedback when carrying out the procedure
    • Trainer can be used in teams, or by individuals using the stand provided
    • Adjustable tension makes this trainer a perfect tool for OSCE courses
    • Latex free
    • Fractured distal fragment of radius
    • Head and body of the ulna
    • Colles' Fracture Arm (With skin included)
    • Adjustable Height Stand
    • Hex Keys (x2) - Large and Small


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