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Infant CPR Anytime Universal Skin

Infant CPR Anytime Universal Skin

Item number: 15-1013

Course Description:

The Infant CPR Anytime Kit contains everything you need to learn the lifesaving skills of infant CPR and infant choking relief in about 20 minutes. These kits can be used at home or in hospital labor and delivery programs, including neonatal intensive care units, to teach skills to new parents.

Product Specifications:

Following are the specifications for the Infant CPR Anytime:

• 1 bilingual (English/Spanish) Infant CPR Anytime DVD

• 1 Mini Baby® personal CPR manikin

• 1 bilingual Skills Reminder Card

• 1 Mini Baby replacement lung

• Manikin wipes

Intended Audience: Infant CPR Anytime is for new parents, grandparents, babysitters, nannies, and anyone who wants to learn lifesaving infant CPR and choking relief skills but does not need a course completion card to meet a job requirement.

Replaces old part #s 90-1001 and 90-1002, Infant CPR Anytime (light and brown skin).

ISBN # 978-1-61669-413-5

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