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Perineal Repair Stand LT

Item Number: LIM-61109
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A universal stand that accommodates the blocks and modules across the Perineal Repair and Episiotomy Range. This product is available in a dark skin-tone (LIM-61129).

Works With:

LIM-61100 Midline Perineal Repair Trainer - Light

LIM-61101 Mediolateral Perineal Repair Trainer - Light

LIM-61102 Anal Sphincter Repair Trainer - Light

LIM-61103 Perineal Repair Trainer - Light

LIM-61104 Episiotomy Trainer Module - Light

LIM-61105 2nd Degree Midline Perineal Repair Block (x2) - Light

LIM-61106 2nd Degree Mediolateral Perineal Repair Block (x2) - Light

LIM-61107 Anal Sphincter Repair Block (x2) - Light

LIM-61108 Un-incised Perineal Repair Block (x2) - Light

LIM-61113 Episiotomy Incision Pad (x2) - Light

LIM-61115 Episiotomy Baby Head - Light


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