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SimMom & MamaBirthie

Elevate Learning Outcomes in Obstetrics​

Improve the quality of obstetric care

Train for decision-making in emergency settings and the ability to work under pressure in a safe environment. With immediate feedback, instructors can pinpoint areas of improvement, teach precise behaviors for real-life emergency procedures, and instill confidence over time.​







An advanced, full-body simulator covering all stages of labor and birth 

  • Available in both manual and automatic delivery modes​
  • Covers all stages of labor - from antepartum to postpartum​
  • Provides opportunities for enhanced in-situ training with cross-functional teams to work collaboratively​
  • Train for the low-frequency, high-risk incidents​
  • Prepare learners to recognize and respond to potential high-risk births and postpartum complications such as PPH​
  • Controlled wirelessly with LLEAP, Laerdal’s simulation software​

Every SimMom is paired with a MamaBirthie


Increase practice time by giving students the opportunity to learn from each other through peer-to-peer practice:

  • Allow students to practice frequently until confident and competent​
  • Establish a psychologically safe learning environment​
  • Enable students to experience the birthing person’s perspective, deepening their understanding of respectful care.​
  • Increased flexibility and reduced pressure on resources.

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Take your simulation training further

SimMom can be used as one component of a more comprehensive solution to further enhance your clinical skills training.​



Developed in partnership with Limbs & Things

Laerdal has given SimMom an easy-to-use, full-body simulation system, whilst Limbs & Things brings a level of realism, both in terms of anatomy and obstetric experience to the product.

SimMom is an advanced full body birthing simulator with accurate anatomy and functionality to facilitate multi-professional obstetric training of birth management, with both manual and automatic delivery modes. MamaBirthie is a simple, easy to use obstetric training device which can be paired with a standardized patient or used as a tabletop skills trainer.

Together, SimMom and MamaBirthie offer a solution for delivering efficient and effective obstetric simulations which meet learning objectives around care, communication, and skills.