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Helping improve community CPR

Improving the chain of survival

When CPR is needed, the TCPR Link app empowers registered volunteers and helps them improve CPR performance. TCPR Link provides live feedback on compression rate and hands-off time to help deliver effective CPR and is compatible with most smartphones.

Although TCPR Link can be used standalone, it has been optimized for use by myResponder volunteers who has Laerdal’s CPRcard. In use, the technology can improve survival by activating steps 2 and 3 of the Chain of Survival.


Singapore clinical study 

Singapore General Hospital is responsible for the clinical trial, that aims to improve the quality of treatment for cardiac arrest patients in Singapore. The clinical study will take place in 2022-2023, involving trained calltakers and volunteers. The duration of the trial is based on the  population size of 5.6 million with ca. 2500 annual out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.  
The study will research expectations, needs, acceptability, feasibility and effectiveness of TCPR Link system among calltakersand CPR volunteers. The research questions for the clinical trial covers how the solutions affect the dispatcher-volunteer teamwork and added value for the patient. 

Safe data management

All data, including audio and video from CPR activity, will be securely stored, and analyzed for research and QI. The recorded data allows for debriefing and learning.

Where data is stored and streamed:

  • TCPR Link app:
    Only CPR data is stored on the phone
  • TCPR Link with myResponder and/or CPRcard:
    Only CPR data is stored on the phone. Cloud storage of video, audio, and CPR data.

The data management complies with the GDPR consent requirements and guidelines. The data will only be stored in the cloud if consent is given by the myResponder user.