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Moving from On-Premise to Cloud

Your Pathway to the Cloud

Making the switch from your existing SimCapture on-premise infrastructure to the cloud offers many benefits, including reduced complexity, flexible scalability, and improved security. But most importantly, it will help you better support both your learners and simulation program.

The hundreds of clients who have already adopted SimCapture Cloud can take advantage of improved workflows and new functionality, such as LMS integration, inventory management, and peer-to-peer training, just to name a few. Our goal is to help our clients leverage the latest data, video, and security technologies, allowing users to effortlessly manage, capture, debrief, and assess simulation sessions.

Why Move to the Cloud?


Reliable and Secure Platform

SimCapture Cloud resides on Amazon Web Service (AWS). This infrastructure allows us to continuously enhance SimCapture with no downtime and better integration with LLEAP, SimPad, and 3rd party suppliers.

Continuous Enhancements

Based on user needs and feedback, we are continuing to add new functionality that will automatically be released to cloud users like inventory management and LMS integration.

Flexible Student-Focused Learning from Anywhere

Take advantage of new use models like peer-to-peer skills practice, self-recording assignments, telemedicine training, and remote OSCE functionality, which allows your organization to support learners onsite, offsite, or in a hybrid environment to adapt to changing needs.

Go Hardware Free for Mobile Sims

Run your simulation experience hardware-free with the new SimCapture Mobile Camera app. Capture transport cases on-site and in situ simulations with your mobile device while benefiting from full access to SimCapture functionalities from anywhere. ​​

Proactive Support

Support based on your feedback means bi-weekly releases, bug fixes, and improvements. Each is rapidly deployed without any operational disruption. In addition, cloud connectivity means that issues can be identified and often resolved before they are even reported.

Enhanced Collaboration

With the multi-tenant database architecture, more functionality is available for collaboration. Connect networks between organizations and multiple campuses, increasing efficiency and standardization.

“We primarily used our on-premise system for OSCEs. Now that we have transitioned to SimCapture Cloud, we have expanded our use to include peer-to-peer scoring for ISAs. We are also looking into the Mobile Camera app and self-recording functionality to use SimCapture in other parts of our program.”

Danny Driskill, Director of Simulation  at the University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

How Can SimCapture Cloud Help?

  • Leadership​
  • Sim Lab Staff
  • Faculty
  • IT & AV Specialists​


  • Overcome limited access to clinical sites and practice time with peer-to-peer training and remote learning opportunities to ensure your students get the documented high-quality experiences they need to transition to practice successfully.​
  • Simplify your pathway to accreditation with straightforward, automated reports showing inter-rater consistency, cross-course reporting, utilization, and more.​
  • Improve operational efficiencies to improve capacity and staff retention.

Sim Lab Staff

  • No more sim lab shutdowns - biweekly releases, bug fixes, and improvements will be rapidly deployed without any operational disruption.​
  • Stop creating and maintaining inventory spreadsheets. Manage assets and inventory with ease.​
  • Reduce workload and improve consistency - share your courses and curriculum across multiple campuses for increased efficiency and standardization.


  • Increase efficiency by pre-assigning graders to evaluations prior to students completing them.​
  • More flexible releasing options for videos, grades, full evaluations, or comments only depending on what you want learners to have access to.​
  • 'With accessibility from anywhere, anytime, course and scenario experiences connect to learning objectives to meet program outcomes.

IT & AV Specialists​

  • No onsite data storage equipment means you do not need to replace expensive servers or take care of maintenance, making your costs more predictable.​
  • Multiple layers of security utilize the latest technology and best practices to ensure clients cannot access each other’s data and unauthorized users cannot access any data.  SimCapture offers multiple layers of load-balancing, redundancy, and fault tolerance. ​
  • Proactive support: cloud connectivity means that issues can be identified and often resolved before they are even reported.

Helping You Succeed

We are focused on making your transition to SimCapture Cloud a seamless experience. In addition to your local Sales representatives, you will have a team of people to help you along the way.



A Project Manager will guide you through the process of getting the cloud version of SimCapture implemented in your center. Your Project Manager will work closely with our AV Specialists who are skilled in IT, security, audiovisual, and networking to ensure all equipment is implemented and you are ready for success.


Our expert Educational Team provides customized training (virtually or on-site) to help you make the transition and take advantage of new functionality and workflows from day one.


A dedicated Impact Manager will support you in achieving long-term success with SimCapture, increasing utilization and improving consistency. Most importantly, they will ensure that you are able to leverage data to impact program outcomes.


Our Customer Service and Technical Support teams are located in New York and Washington D.C. Support is available Monday through Friday 8:00am-8:00pm via phone or email: 877-LAERDAL (523-7325) or [email protected].

"They [Laerdal] were all very helpful and I felt taken care of during the implementation. Laerdal had us covered."

- Ginger Nix, PMP
IT Manager, AU/UGA Medical Partnership

Ready to Get Started?


The SimCapture Impact Management team will help you assess your simulation program needs and develop a plan to make the move to SimCapture Cloud.

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Interested in working with an Impact Manager?

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.