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Bridging the gap between simulation and real patient monitors

Real monitors, real training

Use VitalsBridge during simulation training to present vital signs onto a commercially available patient monitor. By using the same patient monitor used in clinical practice, you can allow learners to interpret vital signs as they will in a real clinical setting and increase simulation realism.

The result is better-trained and more confident healthcare providers, reduced medical errors and increased efficiency.

VitalsBridge Models

Introducing the New VitalsBridge4

VitalsBridge4 offers upgraded, faster hardware components that now allow you to connect your device to control your vitals signs via Bluetooth LE and 5 GHz WiFi, in addition to ethernet, serial (USB), and 2.4 GHz WiFi. ​

New features include field firmware updates from the cloud, intracranial pressure (ICP), and improved oxygen saturation (SpO2) compatibility. VitalsBridge4 can be configured to add any of the following vital signs to meet your needs: ​

  • Additional temperature​
  • Invasive blood pressures ​
  • Arterial​
  • Central venous​
  • Pulmonary artery​
  • Pulmonary capillary wedge​
  • Intracranial pressure (ICP)
  • Electrocardiogram (5 lead) ​
  • Respiration rate​
  • Mainstream capnography​
  • Sidestream capnography​

Display simulated vital signs on any clinical monitor to bring your simulations one step closer to reality.



VitalsBridge™ FM

Now you can use real patient monitors in your obstetric labor and delivery simulations.  VitalsBridge FM allows you to view and interact with vital signs from both fetal and maternal patient simulators and a commercially available patient monitor, increasing simulation realism.

The following signals are supported:

  • Uterine Activity (Toco)
  • Fetal Heart Rate (Doppler Ultrasound)
  • Maternal Non-Invasive Blood Pressure
  • Maternal SpO2
  • Maternal ECG

Enhanced critical care simulations with realistic capnography for ACLS training

In cooperation with Dynasthetics

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VitalsBridge is 
manufactured by Dynasthetics

Compatibility & documentation

  • Compatible patient monitors
  • Compatible Laerdal Simulators
  • Compare 4 models of VitalsBridge
  • Confirm Patient Monitor's compatibility
  • 1-day implementation service
  • Extended warranty
  • Quick-start guides
  • How-to videos

Compatible patient monitors

Compatible patient monitors: 

VitalsBridge is compatible with all modern vital signs monitors (made within the last 20 years) including ICU monitors, pre-hospital, spot-check and respiration specific monitors. A number of compatible & frequently used patient monitors are listed below. Contact us if you are looking for specific patient monitor brand or model that is not listed here:

  • Corpuls: 1, 32
  • GE Healthcare
    • Carescape (B850, B650, V100)
    • Dash (3000, 4000, 5000)
    • Solar 8000 and other legacy monitors including Datex and Marquette
  • Mindray:
    • Benevision N-series, ePM-series
  • Philips:
    • Intellivue (MP 20/30/40/50/60/70/8090, MP 5/5C, MX800,MX700, MMS X2, MP2)
    • SureSigns (VSi, VS2+, VM8,VM6, VM, VM1, VS)
  • Physio-control: LIFEPAK 12/151
  • RDT Ltd: Tempus Pro1
  • Spacelabs
    • Spacelabs Qube
    • Spacelabs Ultraview (SL2200, SL2400, SL2600, SL2700, SL2800, SL2900 and SL3900)
  • Zoll
    • Propaq M/MD1
    • R Series1
    • X Series1
  • Many others - contact us if you are looking for specific patient monitor brand or model that is not listed here.

1 VitalsBridge does not support defibrillation, please use the Laerdal patient simulator’s defibrillation capabilities

2 Invasive blood pressure simulation on Corpuls patient monitors is not supported

The VitalsBridge Connector application is compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 operating system.

Compatible Laerdal Simulators

Compatible Laerdal Simulators

You need LLEAP (PC operated) simulation software and one of the following Laerdal simulators to use VitalsBridge:

(Note: VitalsBridge is not compatible with simulators operated from SimPad or SimPad Plus)

Compare 4 models of VitalsBridge

Compare features of 4 VitalsBridge models:





 VitalsBridge FM 



✓ (2)


Heart Rate
Respiration Rate (ECG impedence, capnography if applicable)
SpO2 Pulse Oximetry

Non-invasive Blood Pressure

ECG (3, 4, or 5 lead)

Capnography (end tidal CO2) Mainstream / Sidestream



Arterial Blood Pressure - -
Central Venous Pressure - -
Pulmonary Artery Pressure/Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure - -
Intracranial Pressure - - -
Uterine Activity (TOCO) - - -
Fetal Heart Rate (Doppler Ultrasound - - -
Bluetooh LE/USB Serial Capable
VB4 connector SW, Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows
Wifi/ethernet Capable

LLEAP Software Interface Compatible

Battery, Portability & Backup

Confirm Patient Monitor's compatibility

Confirm your monitor(s) are compatible with VitalsBridge

VitalsBridge is supplied with a cable set specific to the patient monitor(s) you use, as these can vary significantly. To ensure VitalsBridge is compatible with your patient monitor(s) please complete the online VitalsBridge configuration questionnaire by selecting either of the tabs below based on the VitalsBridge model selected.

  • Before beginning the questionnaire, you will need have the brand(s) and model name(s) of the patient monitor(s) including the cables used during your simulations.
  • If more than one brand or model will be used with VitalsBridge, an additional questionnaire must be completed for each.
  • On completion of the questionnaire, select submit.
  • A VitalsBridge representative will review your questionnaire and confirm compatibility via email.
  • If an order is received, a representative will contact you to confirm there has been no changes prior to shipment.


VitalsBridge FM

1-day implementation service

1-day implementation service available

Get the best start with VitalsBridge with our 1-day implementation service.

A Laerdal representative will spend one day to help you with:

  • On-site set-up of the VitalsBridge unit
  • Connection to the simulator and patient monitor
  • Software updates as needed
  • Test of functionality
  • Overview of VitalsBridge

Please, get in touch for more information. 

Extended warranty

Extended warranty

The VitalsBridge has a 1 year standard warranty.
Extended warranties may be purchased as an add-on to your VitalsBridge purchase.

Please, get in touch for more information. 

Quick-start guides

How-to videos

Bridge the gap between simulation and real clinical equipment. The VitalsBridge simulator interface makes it possible to use your own clinical patient monitor during simulation training.