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Limbs & Things Produkte

Mit der in Bristol in England heimischen Firma Limbs & Things verbindet uns eine inzwischen langjährige Partnerschaft. Vielen Kunden ist der Geburtssimulator SimMom oder PROMPT Flex zur Hybrid-Simulation bereits ein Begriff. Diese Produkte sind in gemeinsamer Entwicklungsarbeit mit Limbs & Things entstanden. Wir haben nun den Vertrieb der Limbs & Things Produkte in Deutschland ausgebaut.

Welche Vorteile ergeben sich für Sie aus dieser Partnerschaft?
Da wir in den letzten Monaten die Zusammenarbeit mit Limbs & Things nochmals vertieft haben, sind wir nun in der Lage, Ihnen ein sehr viel breiteres Spektrum an Produkten anzubieten – sowohl für die Geburtshilfe als auch für die Krankenpflege- und Medizinerausbildung. Weitere Informationen zu den Produkten erhalten Sie untenstehend.


PROMPT Flex is ideal for addressing high risk, low frequency events and reducing complications. The versatile and modular design provide the user with a comprehensive experience in all stages of birth and complexity. Suited for all learners in both professional education and healthcare providers.

An anatomically accurate adult male torso, used to teach and practise the palpation, auscultation and percussion elements of abdominal or gastrointestinal (GI) examination. Ideal for OSCE preparation and assessment.

Our Advanced Catheterisation Trainer facilitates the teaching of urethral and supra-pubic catheterisation, as well as how to demonstrate self-catheterisation to patients (when using the optional Self Catheterisation Stand). It has interchangeable accurate male and female anatomy, and both sets of genitalia are realistically soft and pliable. The feel of the catheter passing along the urethra into the bladder corresponds closely to real life.

The Basic Breast Examination Trainer provides a highly realistic learning platform for acquiring the skills required to perform Clinical Breast Examination (CBE). Featuring 6 readily interchangeable and multi-positional pathologies, providing healthcare professionals with the tools to identify various complications and pathologies, including carcinomas, cysts, fibrocystic disease and fibroadenoma. Both Simulated Patient and benchtop training can be used for any undergraduate programs running OSCEs or healthcare professionals promoting best practice techniques to trainees and patients.

The Chest Drain and Needle Decompression Trainer has been designed to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals training in surgical or guidewire-assisted thoracostomy and thoracentesis. This product allows for a variety of chest drain insertion techniques to be performed including ultrasound-guided techniques.

The rectal examination model comprises a realistic representation of the buttocks, anus and rectum enabling the practice of diagnostic skills associated with rectal examination.