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Peer-to-Peer færdighedstræning indenfor sygepleje


Lær, hvordan man implementerer simulation på en måde, der gør det muligt for studerende at øve sig, indtil de er sikre og kompetente.

Improve clinical competence

Improve competence and confidence through peer learning

With many students per faculty, it may be a challenge to allow students enough time in simulation to improve both their competence and their confidence. Simulation based on the principles of peer learning is a novel approach rooted in sound pedagogical thinking. In a sense, it may be seen as “flipped classroom” applied to simulation.

By using standardized scenarios focusing on core nursing skills, students can practice together until they feel ready to have a member of faculty assess or review their performance. This methodology provides added flexibility and increase utilization of the simulation facilities. 

A guided learning experience using specially developed scenarios

Peer-to-Peer Skill-Based Simulation in Nursing teaches you how to set up an effective environment for peer-to-peer learning and comes with 10 standard scenarios to get you started.

The scenarios have been developed in collaboration with carefully selected institutions responsible for nurse education in every country the service is available. This ensures that all the developed scenarios are relevant regarding local protocols and best practice. The scenarios are available for local adaptations using the scenario editing tool SimDesigner and typically show:

Detailed instructor information based on learning objectives.

Step-by-step checklists of skills the learner should be able to demonstrate.

Comprehensive feedback for both learner and instructor in the event log.

Empower your students to take charge of their own learning in a new and innovative way.

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What are the benefits in adopting Peer-to-Peer learning?

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