Inicio20-2802 - IVE BLS Manual Instructor eBook 2020

IVE BLS Manual Instructor eBook 2020

Referencia: 20-2802
Precio sin IVA: € 33,75
Precio c/IVA: € 40,84

The BLS Instructor Manual eBook is the electronic equivalent of an AHA BLS Instructor Manual. This Instructor Manual eBook includes essential information and resources such as lesson plans, agendas and checklists, that AHA BLS Instructors need to teach the BLS Course.

NOTE: In addition to being included in the BLS Instructor Manual eBook, all Instructor Resources (lesson plans, agendas, etc.) can also be found on

Important note about the IVE BLS Course:
There is no IVE BLS Course Video. Instructors should use the U.S. English BLS Digital Video (#20-1414) while instructing this course.


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