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Chester Chest Adv Arm - Dark Skin

Chester Chest Adv Arm - Dark Skin

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Lifelike model of human torso with detachable right arm designed for the insertion care, and removal of common long-term vascular access routes.

Product Features

    • Chester Chest torso (1)
    • Port Access Arm (1)
    • Implanted Vascular Access Device (IVAD) (1)
    • Tunneled central venous catheter (similar to a Hickman catheter) (1)
    • Outer Tissue Flap (1)
    • Difficult accessing inserts (3)
    • Tubing set with simulated blood and reservoir bag (2)
    • Openings for optional Jugular Catheters and Subclavian Catheters (1)
    • Detachable advanced right arm with a 20 G IV catheter in place (1)
    • Dual 5 Fr PICC (1)
    • Talcum powder (1)
    • User's Manual (1)
    • Infusion, withdrawal, care, securement and dressings of the following vascular access lines:
      IVAD (Implanted Vascular Access Device) placed in the chest and optional upper arm
      Hickman-like central line
      PICC (Peripherally inserted central catheter) line
    • IV site and optional Triple lumen jugular and subclavian catheters
    • Dual lumen 5FR PICC exiting the basilic vein from the inner bicep area
    • A pre-positioned 20 g IV catheter in the forearm
  • Length: 39.69 cm / 15.6 in

    Width: 59.69 cm / 23.5 in

    Height: 25.4 cm / 10 in

    Weight: 3.18 kg / 7 lb

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