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Foundations in Simulatio Workshop

Foundations in Simulatio Workshop

The Foundations in Simulation Workshop is a blended learning course, which includes on-line modules from the NLN Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC) followed by an on-site workshop. The Foundations in Simulation Pedagogy Workshop is designed to provide a solid theoretical basis for incorporating simulation into the curriculum. This highly interactive workshop conducted by NLN Simulation Nurse Educators, begins with a demonstration of a well run and expertly debriefed simulation, presents the evidence that supports the use of simulation, and immerses participants in a simulation so they can experience the challenges associated with implementing simulation and the power of experiential learning.


  • Discuss the components of a simulation-based learning experience
  • Discuss the learning theories that inform simulation pedagogy
  • Recognize elements of best practice in simulation design and facilitation

CEU credit hours = 6.0