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Mastectomy Module - Nursing Anne Couleur de peau foncée

Mastectomy Module - Nursing Anne Couleur de peau foncée

Date d’expédition estimée 08/02/2023

Couleur de peau foncée

Prix HT 565,00 €
Prix TTC 683,65 €
The Mastectomy Module in brown skin tone is used to practice post surgical mastectomy care procedures.
Product benefits:
  • Educationally effective for in-hospital practice of post-operative nursing interventions including patient assessment, dressing change and drain care
  • Flexible module designed to engage students in the:

    -  Monitoring and management of potential complications
    -  Use of and care for closed suture drains or suction apparatus
    -  Preparation and practice for patient teaching and support

Product features:
  • Normal anatomy of a post operative left total mastectomy
  • Foam breast insert - right
  • Surgical area skin closed with staples
  • Drain tube placed just under the skin
  • Easily interchangeable with manikin skin


Includes:  1 Mastectomy Chest Skin, 1 Foam Breast Insert - Right, 1 Bottle Talcum Powder and Directions for Use

*Module is compatible with Nursing Anne and Female Complete Care Doll manikins.