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SimBaby Tracheostomy Upgrade

SimBaby Tracheostomy Upgrade

Upgrade your SimBaby to train on tracheostomy care procedures for PICU teams, parents and home healthcare providers.


Expand your simulation program

Allow PICU teams and in-hospital care providers to experience correct insertion of tracheal tubes on a pediatric patient.  In addition, parents can be taught how to care for and change tracheal tubes. Increase their proficiency to act quickly during high-stress experiences.

With the tracheostomy upgrade, you can:

  • Control the tracheostoma size for realistic tube insertion.
  • Simulate false passage and mucus plug.
  • Provide equipment orientation.

Increase confidence at home
Training on correct procedures will allow cannulated babies to be well cared for in their own homes. By upgrading your SimBaby you can train caregivers working in a home environment to improve their skills and confidence.

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* Back to bench upgrade
The upgrade requires shipment of your SimBaby back to Laerdal. Shipment and handling cost not included. Upgrade is only available for SimBaby models produced after 2018.

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