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Vår vision är att ingen ska behöva dö eller bli funktionshindrad i onödan vid förlossning eller på grund av plötslig sjukdom, trauma eller medicinsk felbehandling. Vi har en klar vision, en ambitiös målsättning och en plan för hur vi ska ta oss dit. Men vi vet att vi inte kan lyckas på egen hand. Kollegor och samarbete är nyckeln.

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Our goal is to help save 500 000 more lives,

every year by 2020.

Laerdal kolleger

Our work environment

Our work environment is mission-driven. Our shared mission encourages collaboration and engagement between departments, cultures, and countries which allows us to generate unique ideas and solutions. We rely on the expertise of our multidisciplinary teams to see problems from different perspectives to solve our customers and partners challenges.​

We're Global

Our corporate culture cultivates collaboration and teamwork with colleagues around the world. We integrate local knowledge with global experience. We embrace our shared company values and a passion for ideas and learning.​

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Steven at Laerdal
"Working at Laerdal is a great opportunity to grow as a young professional and it allowed me the opportunity to work abroad. I wanted to work for an organization where I could see that my work had a societal impact. It might sound cliché, but if I can help make the world a little bit of a better place, I think that’s worth working hard for."

Steven Tidwell
Product Manager, Software & Data Solutions

Calling all students and new graduates!

Looking for an internship? Or an industry partner for your project?

We are collaborating with some of the best educational institutions within design and technology. We have internship positions within most product development disciplines, and we continuously work with students on projects and master theses.

If you think Laerdal is the perfect partner for your next project or internship, feel free to submit your application or suggest your project.

Doing well by doing good

More than 60 years ago, our founder maintained that “if we can create value to society at large, and do our job well, satisfactory economic results will follow - and allow us to build a stronger company with time.” We believe this was as true then as it is today.​

Laerdal Global Health is a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping saves lives of mothers and newborns in low-income countries. Through partnerships with global health and professional organizations, Laerdal Global Health develops high-impact, low-cost training solutions.

We take sustainability seriously​

The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a roadmap for a healthier, greener, fairer, and more inclusive society by 2030. We are specifically committed to SDG 3 Good Health with a focus on solutions to improve the quality of education of healthcare professionals, first responders, and the general public.​

Genom kontinuerliga utvärderingar och förbättringar av etisk affärspraxis samt vårt stöd för FN:s mål för hållbar utveckling, strävar vi ständigt efter att bedriva verksamhet som bidrar till en bättre värld.

Laerdal Impact Update Cover

Laerdal has established a process to ensure compliance with global environmental regulations. ​

We offer

Opportunities for development​
We believe that our employees own their own development. As a company, we emphasize a practical and blended approach to learning activities to best meet identified individual needs and strategic directions.


Compensation and benefits
We offer fair, position-based and local market oriented compensations. Our policies and benefits are according to the standards of local practices.

Wellness benefits
We know you only perform as well as you feel. That’s why we offer a variety of health and wellness activities for keeping your body and mind in shape.

Work-life balance
We understand that a good work-life balance is essential to well-being. A family -friendly environment, a healthy workplace, community engagement opportunities, flexibility, among other initiatives contribute to the well-being of our employees.

Bli en del av en plats som är erkänd för det arbete vi gör – från prestigefyllda designpris och erkännanden i media, till Business for Peace Award. Vi på Laerdal är stolta över de erkännanden vi får.

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