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SimCapture for Skills

Stärk eleverna på deras väg mot färdigheter

Hybrid learning builds competence

Deliver, monitor and track skills development from anywhere.

SimCapture for Skills is a solution for efficient, objective digital assessment and evaluation of peer-to-peer and individual skills practice, resulting in better program outcomes.

Bridge faculty instruction for students with simple cloud-based access to content on any web-enabled device. When combined with any hands-on skills trainer, SimCapture for Skills facilitates hybrid learning and helps students build their competence up to skills mastery.

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Building proficiency

Improve readiness for practice

Learners prepare for future clinical practice by:

  • Accessing the content, training, and other resources from their mobile devices or laptops.
  • Refining their skills practice on any skills trainer either by themselves (with self-recording feature) or with a peer.
  • Receiving performance-specific analysis of their skills application.
  • Improving their readiness at their own pace and from anywhere.

Instructors optimize teaching delivery and support learners by:

  • Communicating instructions, guidance, and exercises at scale (individually, selected group, or entire class).
  • Evaluating learners’ self-recorded, skills practice videos.
  • Gaining actionable insights on learners’ progress, such as frequency of practice and individual/group challenges.
  • Leveraging data to provide precise feedback for improved practice.

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Vi hanterar dina uppgifter enligt:  Laerdal's Privacy Policy.