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Multi ven IV-arm komplett

Artikelnr: 270-00001
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Lifelike arm reproduction with multi-vein system designed for peripheral intravenous therapy.

  • Venipuncture possible in the antecubital fossa or dorsum of the hand
  • Rotation at deltoid for easier access
  • Accessible veins include median, basilic and cephalic
  • Palpable veins enable site selection and preparation
  • Infusible veins allow peripheral therapy with IV bolus or push injection method
  • Replaceable skin and vein system ensure longevity of model

Multi-Venous IV Training Arm Kit Includes: Arm, replacement skin and multi vein system, simulated blood, blood bag with tubing and connector, clamp and hook, 5 syringes, manikin lubricant, carry case and directions for use.


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