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Post Partum Haemorrhage Module

For training in the management of post-partum bleeding. The Post Partum Haemorrhage Module offers a realistic simulation of an atonic and contracting uterus.

Cervical Dilatation & Effacement Module

With this module learners are able to practice, assess and experience both normal and complicated births through the progress of labor including evaluation of cervix, fetal station and position and management of latent, active and transition stages of labor.

Caesarean Section Module

The Caesarean Section Module provides the opportunity for learners to prepare for high-risk, complicated births. This module provides a realistic representation of anatomical layers and allows learners to practice dissection and closure procedures.
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SimCenter makes your simulation experience easier and more rewarding than ever. For the simulation novice to sophisticated developers, SimCenter has the tools and services to help every user realize their full potential.

vSim Curriculum Integration Guides

The guide provides strategies for use of vSim® for Nursing in programs across all types of nursing education. It provides faculty with ideas to integrate vSim into existing curricula and offers ways to develop and/or enhance current teaching strategies. The guide is based on data collected from faculty who participated in pilot testing of vSim for Nursing | Medical-Surgical during spring 2014 and who submitted feedback to the National League for Nursing. These faculty members provide instruction in a wide array of classroom, clinical, lab, and simulation settings.

Respiratory Care Solutions

The only training program that offers everything you need to get learners up to speed quickly from basic to advanced ventilation management.
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IngMar's ASL 5000 download site (0mb)

Link to IngMar's website with UserGuide, software and Quick set up guide


EC Declaration of Conformity for AED Trainer 3 (0mb)


Software - SD Card content for AED Trainer 3 (11mb)

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