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HEERF II Eligibility

How to Receive Available Funding for Your Simulation Program

Through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) II, the Federal Government has allocated over $21 Billion to institutions of higher education to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Last year, under the original HEERF program, many Laerdal clients benefitted from this funding. The information on this page is intended to help you and your organization as you navigate your eligibility and the possible uses for this funding.

Find out if your institution has already qualified for supplemental funding through HEERF II allocations. If your organization is not included on this list, additional HEERF II funding opportunities may still be available on

Funding designated as "institutional spend" under HEERF II can be used for various expenses, including:
  • Technology costs associated with making the transition to distance learning
  • Faculty and staff training
  • Payroll increases
  • Student support activities that address needs related to the coronavirus

When prioritizing what type of covered expenses would make the largest impact for your simulation lab, it can help to create a wish list. Weigh the benefits of upgrading existing equipment, expanding the curriculum, improving reporting, and even hiring additional staff to maintain and oversee simulations. By clearly outlining what would improve efficiency and learning outcomes for your organization, you will have the basis to make your case for funding.

What to Consider When Making Your Simulation “Wish List”

Laerdal offers many solutions that are eligible to meet the criteria for funding. As you compile your wish list, here are a few things to consider.

Keep in mind the long-term benefits of remote learning.

Remote learning became the primary means of education in 2020, though it was previously only used as a supplement to in-person training. Now, organizations are seeing the lasting benefits of using remote learning technologies to provide a standardized foundation for later, more immersive clinical training. With options ranging from virtual simulation solutions such as vSim for Nursing and TruVent to remote skills training solutions such as, SimCapture and the Modular Skills Trainer, we can provide the tools you need to support distance learning.

Don't forget the importance of faculty development.

This past year brought on a plethora of new challenges in healthcare education, and educators felt the brunt of them as they worked to provide quality training. It's worth considering the value of faculty development to bring all faculty and staff to the same standard of operation and increase their confidence. We offer a variety of virtual instructor-led training courses that dive deep into simulation pedagogy while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Make the most of your investment.

In nursing education, it can be necessary to use different simulation solutions to meet evolving learning objectives and to appropriately depict more complex patient cases. However, it is also possible in many cases to provide entirely unique training opportunities using one single simulator. Our new SimMan 3G PLUS and the Nursing Anne Simulator Platform provide just that - modularity consisting of an assortment of accessories and interchangeable parts to modify the learning experience. Consider what your real need is and how you can maximize the funding you receive.

Use a holistic learning approach.

Laerdal's Circle of Learning is a systematic approach to healthcare training that shows the stages of learning required to develop confidence and competence to safely treat patients. Depending upon the curriculum, the learning goals may be specific to only one stage or across a progression of multiple stages. Using this approach, carefully determine what your sim lab might need to "complete the circle." Are there any gaps or weak spots you can identify? For example, do you focus heavily on skills proficiency and clinical experience, without giving an adequate amount of time to decision making and teamwork? Use your answers as a guide to making smart investments.

As you determine your eligibility and decide which solutions will be most impactful for your organization, you will also need to compile a professional business proposal. Use our free Business Proposal Template and Internal Proposal Roadmap to ensure that you make a strong case to your internal stakeholders.

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We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.

We will handle your personal contact details with care as outlined in Laerdal's Privacy Policy.