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Små patienter, stora behov

Små patienter, stora behov

Pediatrisk utbildning

Barn kan ha andra fysiologiska symptom vid trauma och sjukdom jämfört med vuxna. Att lära sig att känna igen, bedöma symptom och utföra rätt insatser kan förbättra sjukvårdspersonalens förmåga att reagera mer självsäkert.

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Treating Children Like Children

For critical care patients less than one year of age, there are many unique challenges. Young children have particularly unique anatomy and physiology, and they do not have the ability to express how they feel or share their health history.

In this article, we discuss how simulation can be used to train for:

  • Navigating Clinical Pathways
  • Smaller Doses for Small Patients
  • Interdisciplinary Team Training

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Children Are Not Just Small Adults. Does Your Training Support This?