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IV Arm left female RA coupling

IV Arm left female RA coupling

Artikelnummer: 150-10150


Pris exkl. moms: 9.883,00 kr
Pris inkl. moms: 12.353,75 kr

Förväntat leveransdatum 23/08/2021

Intravenous (IV) female left arm compatible With Resusci Anne manikins.

Replacement Parts:

  • Left Arm Skin with Zipper and Veins are available as spare part, 150-10151.
  • Vein system is available as a consumable, 375-50550.

How to replace the Skin and Vein?


How to set up and infusing fluid using the Multi-Venous IV Training Arms?.

 Follow Laerdal's Standard hygiene and cleaning procedures for CPR manikins. Cleaning manikin Skins.



  • Complete IV female arm Left with vein and skin.


Not contained in box:

  • Fastening Bolt for Arms - 310321 
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